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List of Works




New Work: radio play – 15′

for Narrator, Marimbist and Cellist

Commissioned by Kaylie Dunstan.

Premiere Spring/Summer 2020.


New Work – 10′

for Large Ensemble

Commissioned by Orkest de Ereprijs and private patron.

Premiere November 2019.


Salamander – 10′

a co-composition for two harps and two voices

Commissioned by Duo Bilitis and CoCoA.

Co-composers include Aspasia Nasopoulou and Floris van der Vlugt.

Premiere September 2019.


Evergreen – 10′

for string quartet

Co-commissioned by Michael Rein, Anna Britala, and Sonja Wilson.

Premiere 21st December 2019.


presently absent: a satirical suite – 12′

for viola and piano

Commissioned by Viola Viola Foundation and Esther Apituley

Premiere at TheaterBellevue, Amsterdam, 19th February 2019.


ebb – 9′

for voice, violin, and convolution reverb

Commissioned by Diamanda La Berge Dramm, Grachtenfestival, and Gaudeamus

Premiere at Magazijn Galerij, Amsterdam, 15th August 2018.


huh – 5’30”

for solo baritone sax

Commissioned by Jay Byrnes.

Premiered at SplendorAmsterdam, 5th May 2018.


apnoea – 1’30”

for solo flute

Commissioned by Kathryn Williams

Premiere TBC


what? – 10′


Commissioned by EarSessions

Premiered by Björk Níelsdóttir @ Earsessions #2, 19th December 2017.


flocc – 9’30”

for flute (+alto), cello, piano, and percussion.

Commissioned for Keep Composer’s Weird Melbourne and written for Rubiks Collective, Melbourne.

Premiered at Two Birds Brewery, Melbourne, 11th November 2017.


why are you shouting at me? – 8-10’

for soprano, mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble.

Commissioned and premiered by Ensemble Fleurville 20th October 2011, Theaterzaal, Amsterdam. Workshopped 8-13 February 2017, Budapest Music Center by Andrea Meláth (Vocal coach), Imai Ayane (soprano) and Anna Molnàr (mezzo-soprano). Compositional guidance by Pascal Dusapin and Peter Eötvös.



for carillon

Dedicated to DomToren, Hilversum, The Netherlands


passé – 2’30”

for toy piano and robot toy piano


In an instant… – 8’00”

for solo trumpet

Dedicated to Tim Frances                                               


Nagele door Nagele #3 (2′)

for Marching Band

Premiere TBC


displaced (4’30”)

for soprano, guitar, and oboe

Commissioned by Stichting Present Sound.

Premiered 15th July 2016, OLMG Kapel. Further performances 16th and 17th July 2016 at Mezrab and Batjanzaal, Amsterdam.


Waken: a one-woman chamber opera (60′)

for contralto and electronics (work-in-progress)

Premiere TBC

Dedicated to Irini Tsanetoulakou


Sonata for solo trombone: a musician’s monologue (20′)

Music Theatre work for solo trombone and film

Premiere TBC

Dedicated to Joost Geevers


Sonatina for solo trombone: a musician’s monologue (8′)

Recital version for solo trombone

Dedicated to Ari Hrodmarsson


Just Gotta (3’30”)

for Jerboah (post-pop band)

Words by Anthony Dunstan; Music by Anthony Dunstan and Jerboah

Premiered 10th April, Muziekhuis, Utrecht (Gaudeamus Muziekweek Sessies #11)


ti_me (10-12′)

for mixed 16-piece choir

Dedicated to Kaveh Vares

Premiere TBC

Text from TS Eliot’s Four Quartets


Nagele door Nagele #1 (9’15”)

for Violin, Clarinet in Bb, Bassoon, and Harpsichord

Dedicated to The Apollo Ensemble

Commissioned by Sandberg Institute

Premiered 27th June, Nagele Museum, Nagele


Nagele door Nagele #2 (13’30”)

for organ

Commissioned by Sandberg Institute

Premiered 27th June, SoW Kerk Nagele, Nagele


What was I… (10′)

Short film for body percussion


corrugations: 3 miniatures (8’30”) – (arrangement)

for soprano and percussion.

Premiered 20th June, Theaterzaal, Amsterdam.


HOPE XXL – The Speech (4’30”)

Film score for chamber ensemble

Composer and sound engineer


Por Una Cabeza (4’00”)

Arranged for solo guitar and orchestra

Premiered 2015 season in Enschede with Conductor Michael Rein



Collected songs of the settlers: Australian Folk Songs

for orchestra

Dedicated to Marnie-Ruth Dunstan and St Catherine’s Orchestra

Premiered 16th April 2014, Monnickendam Cathedral, The Netherlands


Baba Jaga – a modern fairy-tale opera – in 1 Act – 30’

Four principle singers and chamber ensemble (7 players)

Premiered 28th March 2014 @ Opera Zuyd


vocalise – sound… less? (1st instalment)

Solo female voice

Premiered by Irini Tzanetoulakou @ Smaakt naar Muziek II, Dwaze Zaken Eetcafe


tic (cello version) – 8’

Solo amplified cello and mixed media


tic – 8’

Solo Contrabass Paetzold in F and mixed media.

Premiered 23rd August 2012, New Music Network, The Red Rattler Theatre, Marrickville.


close(d) – 5’

Solo mixed percussion.

Premiered 27th June 2012, Koncertsaal, Muzikhochschule Stuttgard.



De Tweede Mijl: an anti-ego opera – 15’

in 3 scenes

Premiered 24th – 26th November 2011 @ Yo! Opera’s finale festival Huis a/d Werf, Utrecht.


under the influence of nostalgia – 18’

Solo tenor and large ensemble.

Premiered 9th June 2011, at The Amsterdam Composer’s Festival.


unfettered – 10’

Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trombone, Viola, Cello, Harp, Piano.

Premiered 9th June 2011, at The Amsterdam Composer’s Festival.


waken (pilot) – 8’

A chamber opera for Contralto and Cello.

Performed and recorded 21st and 28th April.


as I hear it – 8’

solo piano.

Performed and recorded on 3rd March at New Music Arena.



sleep – 10’

electro-acoustic and film by Andy Warhol.

Premiered 23rd November at Overtoom 301.


black birth – 8’

Recorder player, Panflautest, Viola, Oud, and Percussion.

Commissioned and performed by Visisonor.


decay  – 10’

Recorder player, Bass Trombone, and Harp.

Performed and recorded on 21st May at The Amsterdam Composer’s Festival.


thread – 10’30”

Paetzold recorder, Stage Performer, and electronics.

Performed and recorded by esprit de curiosité on 6th May at New Music Arena concert and on Friday 18th June at Theatrezaal in Amsterdam.


flex – 7’30”

Soprano Recorder, Oboe, Viola, Harp, Percussion.

Performed and recorded on 15th June at Theatrezaal in Amsterdam.


in-flight entertainment: a chamber opera – 15’

A chamber opera written for the Rosa Ensemble as part of their Rosa sub Rosa 7 project involving emerging composers. The concert Triptych of Hellish Delights was premiered on 4th in Theatre Kikker Utrecht, with following performances on 5th, 10th and 11th March, at the WORM Rotterdam, and the Melkweg Amsterdam.


corrugations: 3 miniatures – 8’30”

Viola, Percussion, and Piano.

Performed and recorded on 4th March at New Music Arena concert in Amsterdam.



Cement City – A suburban opera in 1 Act – 30’

for Tenor, Baritone, two boy sopranos, large ensemble and film

Based on the real life experiences of David Charles, a social worker and human rights advocate in the suburb of Mt Druitt, Sydney.


colourblind – 1:15’

Recorder, Percussion, and Stage Performer.

Performed on 15th November by espirt de curiosité specifically for Rhizomatic’s Gallery Exhibition of Graphic Design Group ‘Colourblind’ comprised of Andreas Gerolemou and Putri Sadiqah.

fragments – 5’20”

Flute, French horn, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass (SSO Fellows)

Workshopped by the SSO Fellows 2009 Ensemble. Performed and recorded at the Conservatorium of Music Sydney on 14th August as part of the young composers program.


thin skin – 5’16”

Tenor, Baritone, and Bass

Workshopped by ‘The Song Company’. Performed and recorded at Melbourne Recital Centre, and The Cultural Centre – Italian Forum Leichhardt on 18th and 19th July respectively as part of MODART09 program. Broadcast by ABC FM.



split – 4’10”

Vocal Quartet, Flute, French horn, Cello, Harp.

Performed and recorded at ‘All Heaven Shouted for Joy: Stations of Creation 2008’, St Ives Uniting Church on Saturday 29th November.


whitewash – 4’20”

Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Cello.

Performed and recorded at ‘Sounds of the Sea’, St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong on Saturday 27th July. Hosted by Chronology Arts.


undulations: a song-cycle on Ann Nadge – 10’04”

High Voice and Piano. 5 songs.



A Christmas Couplet – 12’

Arrangement of the ‘Welsh Carol’ and the ‘Wexford Carol’. SATB Choir, Brass and Percussion. (Performed and recorded at Holy Trinity Church Dulwich Hill by the Jubilatee Singers).


Procession of the Elders – 6’

Brass and Percussion fanfare then Processional with full Orchestra.


Wedding Fanfare, Promenade and Ballade – 8’

Solo Trumpet in C. Dedicated to John and Carly Dunstan. Performed by Paul Goodchild



Beneath White Roses – 7’10”

Soprano, Tenor, 2 Flutes, Trumpet in B flat, Double Bass. (Rec)


Fision – 9’

Large Orchestra


Sztompt – 4’

Violin Trio. (Rec)


The Times Are Nightfall – 11’30”

Solo Baritone and Large Ensemble. (Rec)


Breathe – 3’30”

Bass Baritone, Flute, French horn, 2 Trumpets (C and B flat), Percussion and Piano. (Rec)


Cain – 11’10”

Solo Cello and Orchestra


Kiss The Dolls – 6’20”

Mezzo, Baritone, Clarinet in A, Cello, Piano.


Still Quells – 14’30”

Harp, Violin, Cello and Percussion